Here is a list of the primary roles that the booster club provides for the Berkeley Bands. The list below is not intended to be comprehensive, but to provide a list of roles done regularly throughout the year and are generally in need of volunteers to keep the organization functioning smoothly.

As our seniors leave, we need to keep new members coming in to help. Please read over the many opportunites you have to contribute. If you are interested, please fill out this Parent Volunteer form and return it to the Director of Bands as soon as possible.


  • Pit Crew/Prop Crew (get band on/off field)
  • Parent helper during Band Camp
  • Band Concession stand at FB games
  • Chaperones (Away games/Competitions)
  • Assist w/Uniforms Distribution
  • Assist w/Getting Band Sponsors
  • Assist w/Band Publicity/Photo Taking
  • Pull Band Trailer (transport equipment)
  • Assist w/Krispy Kreme Sales
  • Video Recording (all performances, etc.)
  • Assist w/Band Gear (spirit wear for band)
  • Assist w/Fruit Sale
  • Assist w/Applebee’s Breakfast


  • Assist w/Gift Card Sale
  • Assist w/Spring Band Banquet
  • Chair a Committee

Mandatory Background Check

It is mandatory for the Berkeley County School District to perform a background check on everyone who will be working with or around students.

If you plan to be a volunteer for the Blue Brigade Bands or even considering helping out, please visit the BCSD Volunteers web site, complete and submit the form. There is no charge for this background check.

Although it only takes a minute to fill out and submit this simple form, the background check process can take a few days before the band directors get notified that a volunteer has cleared the process, especially at the beginning of the school year when the system is flooded with background checks.  Getting these background checks submitted early will ensure that we have cleared volunteers available to help on the first day needed.

REMEMBER The background check must be performed each year.